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Modified 14 August 2021

Certificate Series for EFL/ESL Educators and Leadership

Our online professional development courses are designed for international educators and English as a foreign or second language teachers and meet the needs of busy professionals. Online courses can be designed for asynchronous, self-paced learning or with optional expert facilitation for cohorts of learners.


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Modified 22 February 2022

Columbia Friends of Fulbright Academic Writing Program

The Online Academic English Writing program for up to 35 beneficiaries (all of them, researchers belonging to STEM areas) designed to be implemented online, during the first semester of 2022. The program will deliver eight (8) weeks of online academic English, Research, and Cultural Awareness training to senior faculty and researchers from higher education institutions (HEIs) in Colombia. The goal of the program is to strengthen skills and competencies in advanced academic English (writing), in order to increase international publications of beneficiaries, and support the admission of Colombian professors and researchers into American scientific and academic networks. The program will introduce the American approach to research and publication (i.e. Negotiating the publication process, Outline of Process of Publication) while helping them develop their competencies in advanced academic English, intercultural communication, time management, organizational planning, communications, self-advocacy. Developing Presentation and Communication Skills: Participants will have the opportunity to interact with graduate professors and graduate students belonging to their discipline in order to receive feedback (networking) The Online Program is approximately 70 hours of virtual learning. Fulbright Colombia will confirm the participants have an English proficiency of an A2/CEFR to successfully participate in this program. 

Modified 25 July 2022

Virtual Exchange Programs