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Teacher: Lauren BedsoleTeacher: Heather FarmakisTeacher: Joe Moran

AUIS - Program and Course Mapping

The U.S. Department of State sponsored “Collaborative Capacity Building: Integrated, Sustained and Data-Informed Course Improvement” project aimed to develop a partnership between the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) and Texas university (TUNI) faculty to strengthen AUIS’s institutional capacity, build Iraqi and female capacity, and take the university to the next level of academic excellence. For that, the project will improve course sequencing and program mapping for greater marketability; review and expand the curriculum to incorporate diversity and gender concepts; and update the processes and tools to support continuous internal program review and improvement and ensure quality learning outcomes.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes: The Recipient agrees to perform the program and meet the specific objectives below:

1. Improve course sequencing and program mapping to match course learning objectives to program learning outcomes for greater marketability.

2. Improve the curriculum to incorporate diversity and gender and shorten the program graduation length to grasp women’s interest.

3. Modernize processes and tools to support continuous internal program review and improvement and ensure quality learning outcomes.

4. Build substantive working relationships between Texas faculty and AUIS faculty.